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Ed Rempel - Certified Financial Planner

Ed Rempel's Bio:

Ed Rempel is a certified financial planner who wants to help fellow Canadians understand how to better manage their finances and improve their financial situation. Offering financial planning for the past 24 years, Ed has 22 years of experience as a certified financial planner professional (CFP® Professional) and 33 years as an accountant (CPA, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario).


Ed is considered an industry expert on various investment strategies, including the Smith Manoeuvre, a debt conversion strategy that turns a mortgage into a tax-deductible investment credit line. He has written extensively as an expert on this strategy. He also has significant experience with other strategies, including Lifecycle Investing, the Cash Flow Dam, and the Rempel Maximum.


Ed Rempel often warns of the dangers of following conventional financial and investment wisdom – like the relativity between the economy and stock market performance. He strongly dislikes “financial quackery” – his term for financial advice that’s truly just a sales pitch – and “placebo advice” – what he calls bad advice meant to make you feel good.


Ed instead encourages his clients to use “unconventional wisdom” when it comes to financial matters, a topic he returns to consistently in his frequent blogging. As a financial author, Ed has written for The Globe and Mail, TheTaxLetter, The National Post, Findependence HUB, and Canadian MoneySaver.


Ed Rempel is also a regular speaker at webinars, seminars, and conferences dedicated to helping Canadians get a handle on their finances. He was honored to be a speaker at the 2017 Canadian Financial Summit, an event that featured other experts in Canada’s financial community, like Jonathan Chevreau.


Before he began running Unconventional Wisdom, his blog and his passion, Ed enjoyed his work as an accountant. He acted as Controller at Simmons Canada for twelve years in that career field, and also worked as an accountant for Bank of Canada, Winnipeg Building and Decorating, and Settlers Saving & Mortgage Corporation. In the past, Ed completed the Certified Hedge Fund Specialist program, earning the highest mark possible in Canada.


In his spare time, Ed Rempel enjoys reading, and also loves anything involving physics and space. Additionally, Ed is a loyal fan of the Toronto Argonauts and the Leafs. He also likes the theater, fine dining, cruises, and good company.


Ed Rempel's Interests & Activities:

cruises, fine dining, learning, physics, Toronto Argonauts, theatre

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